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An Imperfect (Dental) World

This week’s case comes to us courtesy of a  72 year old caucasion female- Grandmother of 6 and retired superintendent of schools in her local county. She presented for evaluation and treatment of what turned out to be garden variety Periodontitis made all the more complicated by the fact that she adamantly refused to have […]

Guided Gum Tissue Regeneration

Case History: 54 y.o. female in excellent overall health. She presented for a full mouth evaluation in 5/10 and was diagnosed with Advanced Periodontitis. Moreover, she had a fistula that traced back to the furcation on #31. The tooth had a 2+ mobility and was painful upon percussion. The tooth was not pulp tested but […]

Welcome to Dr. Lehrman’s Laser Periodontics Blog

I hope this finds you well. In the interest of,” interesting things ” I would periodically like to send out LANAP cases that I have treated and that have had “interesting” results. My purpose for doing so is two-fold; first, to create a discussion per se’- about how the intersection of this specific procedure/technology can […]