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LANAP™ – Changing clinical realities in treating today’s Periodontal patients.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, Faculty of Dental Oncology New York, NY Dr. Lehrman was invited to discuss a treatment alternative to today’s more complicated immuno-suppressed patient. LANAP™ as a modality to treat patients who are undergoing both chemotherapies as well as preparing for life saving bone marrow transplants offers a new way to help battle […]

LANAP™ – Moving Forward To Get Back To Basics

Yonkers Dental Society, Ciao’s Restaurant Eastchester, NY Dr. Lehrman will discuss LANAP™, a patented laser protocol and the role it plays in both treating Gum Disease as well as how it enables Dentists to create comprehensive treatment plans for their patients who want to optimize their dental health. Attendees will learn about how the use […]