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Institute of Advanced Laser Dentistry

Millennium Dental LANAP™ Study Club at the AAP Annual meeting Miami Beach, Florida Dr Lehrman was asked to present a clinical case demonstrating the regenerative potential of diseased periodontium when treated with the LANAP Protocol. Over 250 attendees participated in this discussion which included both pre-operative and post-operative photos and radiographs. A question and answer […]

Following the “Laser” Light

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Faculty of Dental Oncology New York, NY Updates and advances in the use of a specific free running ND:YAG laser and FDA cleared protocol, LANAP, in the treatment of periodontal diseases. Dr Lehrman will discuss the science behind as well the clinical applications of this remarkable laser protocol which allows […]


Below we have Melissa, a 52 year old female in excellent overall health who presented for full mouth LANAP. She had generalized advanced periodontitis and in particular, she had a hopeless mandibular right first molar. ( n..b.- all photo’s are mirror images ) except that- it wasn’t hopeless. In particular, the apices of the tooth were not involved endodontically. The […]