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Undertreating for Success…..

Hi All, This is an interesting case not so much for its etiology nor its presentation, but rather because the treatment options prior to LANAP would have required us to have multiple procedures with almost certain untoward esthetic outcomes. An abscess is an abscess is an abscess. This case however, had been chronic in nature […]

New Faculty Appointment

Dr. Neal Lehrman was recently appointed as a Clinical Assistant Professor at UMDNJ-NJDS. Dr Lehrman will have his appointment in the post-graduate department of Periodontology.

The Amazing Light Show

New York County Dental Society 6 east 43rd Street New York, NY 10021 Dr Lehrman discussed utilizing LANAP and its specific laser protocol to treat not only chronic periodontitis, but to begin to understand how utilization of this  specific ND:YAG laser can help us modulate the wound healing phenomenon. By approaching everyday situations from the […]