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LANAP and Reclaiming the Wound

Department of Dentistry: Mount Sinai Hospital, Dept. Of Dentistry New York, NY Dr Lehrman presented to the Faculty of the Dept of Dentistry and Oral Surgery on LANAP, a specific protocol and how it can be utilized to treat both periodontitis and common post-operative situations developing from routine oral surgical procedures. The science behind the Periolase […]

Wound Healing 2.0

Faculty of Dental Oncology, MSKCC New York, NY A new approach to an age old problem. How to treat BRONJ/ONJ lesions in patients who have sustained them post RT and chemotherapy for treatment of cancerous lesions. Through case studies, Dr. Lehrman will discuss a new approach to foster wound healing in patients who are otherwise compromised and […]

Slowly I Turn…. Step By Step

Hi All.. Just a quick case before the weekend. For those that have been following this series over the past few years.. we are becoming accustomed to seeing these results from LANAP. Whether you are a LANAP’er or just “an LANAP (Athletic ) Supporter” …..points for guessing the movie reference, it is becoming almost commonplace […]