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The Amazing Mysterious Light Show

Suburban Study Club/ 9th District Dental Society White Plains, NY This course defined peri-implantitis as a major source of implant failure in the United States today. Focused on LAPIP..Laser Assisted Peri-implantitis protocol, Attendees were apprised of how utilizing this wavelength and following a specific protocol, a new option for treatment of this condition can be […]

Wound Healing 2.0

Southern Orange Dental Society – Ninth District Dental Birch Manor, Monroe, NY Utilization of a specific ND:YAG Laser to treat everyday dental conditions ranging from socket grafting to osteonecrosis of the Jaw. Course focus on clinical successes and pitfalls of utilizing this modality to foster more complete wound healing in both medically compromised and healthy […]

Value Added Procedures

New York, NY Millennium Laser Technologies In addition to the groundbreaking protocol utilizing LANAP with the Periolase to treat Periodontal Disease, Dr. Lehrman discussed treatment of various non-periodontal issues ranging from per-implantitis options and post chemotherapuetic treatment of ONJ lesions.. This course utilized both clinical photos and radiographic evidence of the modified wound healing achieved […]


Hi.. My almost seven year old son is trying to distinguish between.. the color “red” and the past tense of reading.. i.e “read”. He told me that his teacher told him it was all a matter of context…. Had a person walked into your practice .. with a large defect around an anterior implant fixture…. […]