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Regenalight Lip Depigmentation

Utilizing the same approach that Dr Lehrman has perfected in laser assisted gingival ( gum ) depigmentation, Dr Lehrman is pleased to announce that he is now offering lip depigmentation as an option for those patients that have dark or unevenly pigmented lips. The procedure is usually done in 1 visit with little to no […]

LANAP, LAPIP and Beyond

In just one decade, we have moved from utilizing lasers to treat periodontal diseases to utilizing a specific laser protocol to hone our approach in the treatment of peri-implantitis, MRONJ and now cosmetic de-pigmentation of gingiva. By adapting the wound healing modification of the Periolase laser and the LANAP protocol, Dr. Lehrman discussed how the […]

We Now Offer More Sedation Options to Anxious Patients

We are happy to announce a wonderful new service to enhance the comfort of our patients. Dr. Louis Siegelman, a widely respected Dentist Anesthesiologist, is available in our office to provide sedation or intravenous anesthesia for patients who may have avoided dental care in the past. Now, people with anxiety, sensitive gag reflex or needle […]

New Publication The Wavelength

We are pleased to announce the publication of the new online journal The Wavelength at This publication, founded by Dr Lehrman and his Colleague Dr. Larry Gelb is helping to usher in a new era of collaborative dentistry by bringing together both clinicians and patients alike into a marketplace place of ideas dedicated to […]

LANAP- Its History and Future

Dr. Lehrman Spoke to a group of 60 doctors and dentists on this history of LANAP- its scientific background, its applications and potential for evolution in the care of an ever increasing population of patients who present with periodontal and epri-implant disease. A scientific rationale as well as case review component was included. This approach, […]


Hi.. My almost seven year old son is trying to distinguish between.. the color “red” and the past tense of reading.. i.e “read”. He told me that his teacher told him it was all a matter of context…. Had a person walked into your practice .. with a large defect around an anterior implant fixture…. […]

A Life Lesson Learned….

Hi .. Years ago when I was training in periodontics I had a friend who was an accomplished oral surgeon .. frankly- he was way above my pay grade but for whatever reason he took a shining to me. After following him to the O.R. to watch  a radical neck dissection I thought to myself […]

Slowly I Turn…. Step By Step

Hi All.. Just a quick case before the weekend. For those that have been following this series over the past few years.. we are becoming accustomed to seeing these results from LANAP. Whether you are a LANAP’er or just “an LANAP (Athletic ) Supporter” …..points for guessing the movie reference, it is becoming almost commonplace […]

Undertreating for Success…..

Hi All, This is an interesting case not so much for its etiology nor its presentation, but rather because the treatment options prior to LANAP would have required us to have multiple procedures with almost certain untoward esthetic outcomes. An abscess is an abscess is an abscess. This case however, had been chronic in nature […]

Guided Gum Tissue Regeneration

Case History: 54 y.o. female in excellent overall health. She presented for a full mouth evaluation in 5/10 and was diagnosed with Advanced Periodontitis. Moreover, she had a fistula that traced back to the furcation on #31. The tooth had a 2+ mobility and was painful upon percussion. The tooth was not pulp tested but […]