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Regenalight Lip Depigmentation

Utilizing the same approach that Dr Lehrman has perfected in laser assisted gingival ( gum ) depigmentation, Dr Lehrman is pleased to announce that he is now offering lip depigmentation as an option for those patients that have dark or unevenly pigmented lips. The procedure is usually done in 1 visit with little to no […]

LANAP 5 Year Follow Up

It is now 5 yrs since I started LANAP’ing and I saw a patient today who was one of the first patients I ever treated. This was a full mouth case and the patient has been diligent in both her home care and maintenance. When she presented, she was also expecting to have #12 out as […]


Below we have Melissa, a 52 year old female in excellent overall health who presented for full mouth LANAP. She had generalized advanced periodontitis and in particular, she had a hopeless mandibular right first molar. ( n..b.- all photo’s are mirror images ) except that- it wasn’t hopeless. In particular, the apices of the tooth were not involved endodontically. The […]

Taking it on the Chin

After a brief hiatus,  the LANAP- case presentation series has resumed. This iteration will focus on specific procedures made possible by the use of the Periolase. They will include, but are not limited to “non-periodontitis” procedures. Today’s discussion revolves around a mandibular cyst that was referred for biopsy/ removal. This 64 y.o. fellow, medical history […]

on “Great Expectations”

Some time ago a restorative colleague ( n.b- he is on this list but as I write this he is probably x-country skiing in Colorado) came to me.. and to his credit he was perfectly willing to attempt something new. #31 was suppurative, extruded and bled upon probing, which as you can see, probed to […]

” and now for something completely different..”

Hi: After a brief hiatus in sunny Cerritos, Ca. we return to our regularly scheduled programming. This week we are confronted with a tricky situation. Tricky not because the fix is difficult… but until LANAP, there was no fix (but to wait it out) . And, as you will know if either you or a […]

“Books and Covers” read: When Not to Judge

Hi: When I met this patient almost 3 yrs ago the first thought that went through my mind was ” Why would anyone try and save this tooth ( #18 )” ? Not only was the existing restoration “poor” to say the least, the tooth required endodontic therapy ( if even possible ), had 2+ […]

The Power of Positive Thinking ( or- when there is nothing else to do-pray)

Hi: This week’s case is interesting for a few reasons. Firstly- the response was much better than expected, and moreover, it is an excellent example of how these patients can fare over an extended period of time. We are greeted by a 38 year old caucasion female- Literally ( I think she is from the […]

This week in regeneration….

This week’s episode is ” A very special one “… ( are November sweeps upon us already?  Will Fonzie Jump over the shark? Will House end up with Cuddy?). Actually, this case is interesting as it helps us to understand the potential for treating otherwise difficult periodontal defects and enable patients to retain their own […]

Laser Periodontal Therapy and Endodontics

This week’s installment of ” Name that periodontal-defect fill” is brought to you by a lovely 58 year old female who was referred specifically to treat a failing, non vital mandibular left first molar. Not willing to move ahead with endodontic therapy,and unwilling to move ahead with a fixture( my recommendation) assuming that the tooth […]