LANAP 5 Year Follow Up

It is now 5 yrs since I started LANAP’ing and I saw a patient today who was one of the first patients I ever treated. This was a full mouth case and the patient has been diligent in both her home care and maintenance. When she presented, she was also expecting to have #12 out as it was depressible and suppurative and probing revealed a 12 mm infra-bony defect along the mescal aspect of the tooth.She wanted a fixture placed but I asked her to wait and see how it responded. LANAP was performed along with regular occlusal maintenance.

This morning I saw patient “RH” for her 3 month visit and a 5yr periodical was taken. Clinically the tooth has had no mobility since 2008 but it seems that the not only has the area filled in but held up as well. Coincidentally, she does not want to know how well the tooth is doing lest I put an ” Ayin Hara ” ( evil eye ) on it…. So goes some peoples lives….and far be it from me to bring on the “curse” 🙂

The 2 periodicals are almost exactly 5 yrs apart. The first is from 1/07 and the second from this morning…

pre-op 1/07 n.b. defect on mesial #12

5 yr p.o. complete fill and tooth has no mobility or pathologic probing depths / nor is there bleeding on probing..