LANAP- Its History and Future

Dr. Lehrman Spoke to a group of 60 doctors and dentists on this history of LANAP- its scientific background, its applications and potential for evolution in the care of an ever increasing population of patients who present with periodontal and epri-implant disease. A scientific rationale as well as case review component was included. This approach, now widely accepted as more than an alternative to care, is revolutionizing the way we can offer to treat patients who present with periodontal breakdown, particularly those who are medically compromised or present with specific esthetic concerns.

Jerusalem Dental Society
August 22, 2013

“Looking anew at old problems- utilizing a specific laser protocol to approach wound healing for periodontal and peri-implant disease.”

This course focused on the scientific background of LANAP and its potential to approach common oral diseases in a way that promotes true regeneration of lost oral tissue and the concomitant benefits for overall systemic health. This talk was given to Dentists and Dental Specialists in Jerusalem, Israel in conjunction with the Jerusalem Dental Society.