LANAP, LAPIP and Beyond

In just one decade, we have moved from utilizing lasers to treat periodontal diseases to utilizing a specific laser protocol to hone our approach in the treatment of peri-implantitis, MRONJ and now cosmetic de-pigmentation of gingiva.

By adapting the wound healing modification of the Periolase laser and the LANAP protocol, Dr. Lehrman discussed how the specific ND:YAG wavelength allows the clinician to modify the body’s own wound healing apparatus. Diseased or unwanted tissues are targeted for specific removal, while healthy connective tissue remains and allows the body to capitalize on this healing moment. Dr. Neal Lehrman, through a discussion of both laser physics and case review, demonstrated the ability of this remarkable protocol and its corollary procedures to the Department of Periodontics – Post-Graduate Division, NYU College of Dentistry.