Below we have Melissa, a 52 year old female in excellent overall health who presented for full mouth LANAP. She had generalized advanced periodontitis and in particular, she had a hopeless mandibular right first molar. ( n..b.- all photo’s are mirror images ) except that- it wasn’t hopeless. In particular, the apices of the tooth were not involved endodontically. The tissue volume was good, if not erythematous and edematous. The mobility was only Class III as was the furcation involvement. But , we discussed the issue and I explained to her that while it truly was a guarded prognosis, it could always be extracted if necessary. The case went smoothly and overall she is healing very well. What is interesting about this particular area, is not so much the remodeling of the underlying attachment, which is going very well, but rather the soft tissue profile and its changes over time as it relates to the occlusion.

Neal Lehrman, DDS