Patient Review

I received a diagnosis from another traditional periodontist that I needed surgery in 3 places and multiple cleaning visits, probably 5-6 hour-long visits in total. Desiring a second opinion I was introduced to Dr. Lehrman who thought my issues could be solved with a single LANAP procedure. The procedure took 15-20 minutes, was relatively painless and I experienced mild discomfort in the affected area for only around 24 hours. Dr. Lehrman followed up with me over the first 2 days to ensure I was recovering properly. It has only been a week, but the affected area looks greatly improved, and time will only tell whether bone mass will reemerge. I would recommend Dr. Lehrman. He is highly accessible, very communicative (with a good sense of humor), experienced, skilled, attentive and genuinely cares about my well being.

- Owen T.

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