LANAP FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How do I know if I am candidate for LANAP?

A. If you have been told that you have gum disease, or notice that your teeth are loose and your gums bleed when you brush, you very well might need gum treatment. A thorough consultation, complete with x-rays, a review of your medical and dental history should be performed, and Dr. Lehrman will advise you of your condition.

If you are a candidate for this remarkable laser surgical procedure, your options for care will be discussed fully in a clear and concise manner with you. This way, you can make an informed decision about your health care needs.

Q. I’m a smoker—can I have LANAP?

A. Yes, if you are a candidate for LANAP smoking will not preclude you from having this surgery. But as with all things smoking healing may be impaired and results not as successful given the damage and inflammation that tobacco causes.

Dr. Lehrman will discuss smoking cessation programs and make necessary recommendations to you to help drop this addiction.

Q. I take “Blood Thinners”, do I need to stop my medications?

A. Unlike in traditional surgery, the laser does not cause bleeding and even in cases where there is some slight bleeding, the laser creates a strong “brin” clot that acts as a bandage that seals the wound shut, thereby eliminating any post-operative bleeding.

Q. I live far away from your office? How can I have the surgery and appropriate follow-up in my home town/ country?

A. We see patients from around the world, who often travel to our mid-town Manhattan office to have the surgery performed. As most patients can be treated in as little as one visit, and there is little to no post-operative pain, many are able travel home as early as the next day.

In those cases that follow up with Dr. Lehrman isn’t possible on a regular basis, both Dr. Lehrman and his staff at Laser Periodontal Associates of NY will keep open lines of communication with your own dentist and prescribe an appropriate course of care for your healing post-LANAP.

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Q. I am an adult and I want to have orthodonture, but my dentist told me I have gum disease and cannot have my teeth straightened until my gums are treated.

A. Indeed, more and more adults are having ortho to fix their smiles, and with clear “braces” available now, its very important that your gums are healthy before any active movement of your teeth. With LANAP you now only have to wait as little as 1 month after surgery before you begin your orthodontic treatment.

Q. I’m fearful of going to the periodontist and I’m concerned that the surgery will hurt.

A. Dr. Neal Lehrman and his caring, compassionate staff will ensure a comfortable and patient centric experience. Unlike with regular scalpel “gum surgery” there is no cutting of the gum tissues or sewing with stitches, so the whole experience is virtually pain free.

We take our time, and are sensitive to your needs as a person, not just your diseased gums. For those patients who want to be “asleep” for the LANAP procedure, LPANY works with many accredited anesthesiologists who will put you into a gentle “sleep” for the duration of the procedure, and ensure that your recovery is complete before you leave our offices.

Q. Will I be able to eat after surgery?

A. Yes, but in a modified way. You will be given specific dietary instructions that complement the home care guidelines for after LANAP surgery.
Think… “PASTA, FISH, EGGS, YOGURT”, and other soft foods.

Repeating this “mantra” will help you stay well fed during this important post-operative period. Fluids, of course are very important to uneventful healing.

Q. I have dental implants that are healing.. will LANAP help me?

A. Yes. LAPIP, which is the similar laser surgical procedure to treat dental implant complications, can be used to remove the infection from around the implant, and in many cases help re-gorw the bone lost due to infection in the first place. If you think you might need this service, please see our “Dental Implant Complication/LAPIP page for more information.”

Q. Is this Permanent or will I have to do this over and over?

A. Like with any treatment, we can help bring you to health,but it is incumbent upon you to maintain proper oral hygiene and keep up with your regular appointments. We have not seen cases over the last decade that have had to be re-treated, although in certain patients , where the disease is very severe, we plan ahead of time to treat certain areas twice over an extended period of time.

This is discussed with you at the time of your thorough consultation with Dr. Neal Lehrman prior to any treatment,

Q. How expensive is LANAP laser surgery and how can I pay for it?

A. While there is a set fee for surgery, everyone doesn’t present with the same issues. That is why we urge you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Neal Lehrman so that he can examine you, review your medical and dental history and discuss your x-rays with you . At that time, Dr. Lehrman will review all of the possibilities for you to make an informed decision about your own health-care options.

Your fee will be discussed and so that you can make the appropriate arrangements.

Q. Do you take my insurance?

A. Yes and No. At Laser Periodontal Associates of NY we do not participate with any B. plans as a “provider”, yet we work with your insurance to maximize your benefit. Your 
insurance is a contract between you- your employer and the insurance company.

We also offer 3rd party interest free financing if you qualify. Our friendly staff can help you find out what the best option for you r personal needs are.

Q. Is there a free consultation?

A. There is a nominal fee for the consultation, which in most cases is applied to the overall balance should you decide that you will continue with your treatment in a reasonable time frame. If you need new x-rays, there will be a separate charge for them at the time of the consultation.

Our staff is always available to review your account with you and make sure that your are clear on what your responsibilities are.

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