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Gum Discoloration Treatment

RegenaLight™ by Dr. Lehrman

Dr. Neal Lehrman is the pioneer of the RegenaLight™ laser gum lightening procedure.

As a world renowned expert on the use of lasers for structural and cosmetic treatments across a wide scope of gingival (gum) conditions, Dr. Lehrman developed the RegenaLight™ laser gum lightening procedure in response to growing patient requests for a comfortable solution to gingival hyper-pigmentation, otherwise known as “dark gums”.

While having dark gums is normal, many patients seek to lighten and even the tone of their gums with laser gum bleaching to vastly improve their appearance.

Before and After Laser De-Pigmentation

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The RegenaLight™ procedure is a fast, comfortable, outpatient procedure that lightens your gums, giving you a clear glowing smile. Using the RegenaLight™ procedure to erase the pigment from the surface of your gums, Dr. Lehrman is able to create a beautiful result with little to no downtime. In fact, most patients can return to work the same day!

Periolase Technology

While the normal color of gingival (gum) tissue is pink, excess deposits of melanin can create the appearance of brown or black spots or patches on the gums. Known as melanin hyper-pigmentation, “dark gums” can affect individuals with cultural factors and pigmentation imbalances, and can range from covering small spots on the gums to nearly the entire area. While harmless, many people find these spots aesthetically undesirable.

Fortunately, Dr. Lehrman can now effectively and painlessly remove these problem areas with Periolase technology. Laser treatment is an accurate, quick way to eliminate dark gums in as little as one visit and with very short healing time.

Gum Pigmentation Treatment for a Clear, Glowing Smile

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