Osteonecrosis of the Jaw(ONJ) and Osteo-Radionecrosis(ORN), respectively, are two conditions that have been shown to be very destructive to patients who have successfully been treated for many life-threatening diseases. Oftentimes, the cancer has had no involvement with the mouth or jaw, but the need for medications such as Bisphosphonates can create an environment whereby there is significantly impaired wound healing . Everyday procedures such as extractions and treatment for periodontal (gum) diseases can become devastating to the patient because of the inability to clot normally to allow for regeneration of healthy tissues. This is in addition to site specific lesions of exposed jaw-bone, where if left untreated can lead to further breakdown and possible need for radical surgery to halt the spread of the disease.

Similarly, ORN can arise from damage to vital structures during radiation, leading to loss of bone, exposed jawbone, destruction or diminished salivary function etc. All of the above , while not necessarily life threatening can negatively impact the quality of life for those patients who suffer from these devastating conditions.

Using a novel approach utilizing a specific Nd:YAG laser with an FDA cleared protocol to create both a stable clot to allow for better healing, coupled with bio-stimulation of the areas affected to increase oxygenation of the tissue on a cellular level, Neal Lehrman, DDS, MS has been successfully treating these conditions in his NYC offices. Oftentimes, there is complete resolution of the problem, while in many cases the treatment has successfully blocked the condition from worsening, alleviating the need to move forward with radical maxillofacial surgery which renders the patients without part or all of their jaw.

We look forward to helping and effectively treating these conditions. For more information please contact us to find out how we can help you in your quest to regain your overall health.

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