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Undertreating for Success…..

Hi All, This is an interesting case not so much for its etiology nor its presentation, but rather because the treatment options prior to LANAP would have required us to have multiple procedures with almost certain untoward esthetic outcomes. An abscess is an abscess is an abscess. This case however, had been chronic in nature […]

Taking it on the Chin

After a brief hiatus,  the LANAP- case presentation series has resumed. This iteration will focus on specific procedures made possible by the use of the Periolase. They will include, but are not limited to “non-periodontitis” procedures. Today’s discussion revolves around a mandibular cyst that was referred for biopsy/ removal. This 64 y.o. fellow, medical history […]

This week in regeneration….

This week’s episode is ” A very special one “… ( are November sweeps upon us already?  Will Fonzie Jump over the shark? Will House end up with Cuddy?). Actually, this case is interesting as it helps us to understand the potential for treating otherwise difficult periodontal defects and enable patients to retain their own […]

Laser Periodontal Therapy and Endodontics

This week’s installment of ” Name that periodontal-defect fill” is brought to you by a lovely 58 year old female who was referred specifically to treat a failing, non vital mandibular left first molar. Not willing to move ahead with endodontic therapy,and unwilling to move ahead with a fixture( my recommendation) assuming that the tooth […]

Guided Gum Tissue Regeneration

Case History: 54 y.o. female in excellent overall health. She presented for a full mouth evaluation in 5/10 and was diagnosed with Advanced Periodontitis. Moreover, she had a fistula that traced back to the furcation on #31. The tooth had a 2+ mobility and was painful upon percussion. The tooth was not pulp tested but […]

Welcome to Dr. Lehrman’s Laser Periodontics Blog

I hope this finds you well. In the interest of,” interesting things ” I would periodically like to send out LANAP cases that I have treated and that have had “interesting” results. My purpose for doing so is two-fold; first, to create a discussion per se’- about how the intersection of this specific procedure/technology can […]