The Power of Positive Thinking ( or- when there is nothing else to do-pray)


This week’s case is interesting for a few reasons. Firstly- the response was much better than expected, and moreover, it is an excellent example of how these patients can fare over an extended period of time.

We are greeted by a 38 year old caucasion female- Literally ( I think she is from the Caucasus region ) who presented to me in early ’06 with only one issue. ” MY I-tooth is loose “. The photo clearly shows the area around 26-27 to be inflamed and clinical evaluation of it revealed sig mobility.

1. Pre-Op February 2006
” MY I-tooth is loose ”

In fairness to the practitioner on the other side of the pond, I am not sure what materials were available at the time of all of this treatment but needless to say the issues far exceeded her chief complaint. n.b.- the crown on #10 was replaced, other than that- she refused any other treatment.

LANAP was performed ( Full Mouth ) and she had #10 replaced.


Immediate Post-Op LANAP

Immediate Post-Op LANAP

The Photos are annotated but of particular interest are the 3-5 pics. Here is an excellent example of the immediate post-op clotting which is the key to LANAP success. As the clotting pathway is different from the traditional mechanism, there is little if any “oozing” associated with traditional surgery.As well, pt’s who are on anti-coagulant therapies ( aspirin, coumadin, plavix etc.) can be safely treated without any cessation of their medications.

2 week post-op.   So far so good.

This is an excellent example of how the “Clot” forms after a LANAP procedure.
It has been described as ” gelatinous” and indeed it just kinds of sits there.
This is crucial in the healing of the case and to allow the underlying connective tissues to

Ultimately, what pleased me the most about this case was the ultimate healing and continuation of “health” even without the greatest compliance. The mandibular right cuspid has no mobility and probing depths are wnl. ( from an initial 12 mm on the mesial prior to surgery).

August 2010

In truth , the tissue has looked  this good  for at least 2 yrs now,
but this is an excellent example of how these cases hold up over extended periods.
This patient presents only 1x a year for maintenance but somehow has kept up.

As always, feel free to comment, ( constructively ) criticize and share.